Sammerah Hart

Sameerah Hartwell

“I have a passion for creating garments that are timeless, yet unique and exude elegant sex appeal.”


An up-and-coming fixture in the dynamic world of fashion, Sameerah Hartwell is an award-winning designer with an insatiable appetite for all things glamour. Hartwell’s collection boasts innovative style that combines both detailed tailoring and draping to make silhouettes appeal to various body types.


Raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Sameerah at a very young age engulfed herself into the worlds of art and fashion. After attending The Fashion Institute of Technology, Hartwell advanced her field experience, by working as a designer for a private clothing company. After moving up through the ranks, she decided it was time to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship and established her own brand: Sameerah Hart.


Hartwell’s line features scrupulously constructed designs ranging from minimalist sophistication to decorative allure. She has a masterful, instinctive ability to blend rich colors, lush fabrics, and playful patterns into a flawless one-of-a-kind creation. She persistently thinks outside the box with notions of structure, flow, angles, and cuts. Moreover, Hartwell caters to women who desire clothing that makes a strong, stylish statement.


Hartwell is always her own critic, and believes in examining her work to envision the long-term success of the brand. As more of the world encounters the Sameerah Hart Brand, her vision is to see exponential growth without compromising beauty or personal attention to details which has led to her success thus far.